- SMV have a wide range of products for smelting industry.
- Our equipment is designed for rough environment, and to be a reliable tool for the operation.
- Highly qualified employees executes all work from planning, engineering, fabrication, assembly, installation / start-up. 
- SMV machines is designed in close contact with customer, with highest focus on HSE and operational efficiency.
- We also provide aftersale, service and maintenance. 

Technical manager
+47 95 96 62 33

Mobile equipment

We produce different kinds of mobile equipment that are used in the smelting industry. Machines like Hot Anode Spike removal machine , Anode & Bath transporter systems, Anode changers, Feeders, Catode transportation systems, Crust breakers and Service equipment for potrooms.

Stationary equipment

SMV have a wide range of equipment and machines for Rodding Shops, Bath recycling plants and Potroom operations.
Crusher systems for hot, cold and pure bath, Crusher for Carbon, Titanium slag (upgraded Ilemenite).
Butt removal press, bath cleaning stations, rod straigheting systems, etc.